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We introduce schedule systems and loyalty cards via the mobile phone.
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Functions and benefits

Clip cards

The clip card works like the good old-fashioned cards in buses and trains, just made much smarter.


Electronic schedules ensure that you and your employees can communicate with each other effectively during schdule planning.


Send messages to your customers and employees, create joint notice boards and campaigns.

Card designer

Create as many cut cards as you like and customize colors and images in relation to your graphical style.

Check in and out times

Get a complete overview of when your employees arrive and leave.


Get sales reports, financial reports and more from MyBonuz.

Do you need a mobile application that works like a manual 10 trip card or equivalent

Then MyBonuz is for you. Whether you sell beer, soft drinks, sandwiches or something else at a bar - as long as you would like to sell 5 for 4's price or 10 for 9's price or other combinations but you lack a system to keep track of this, then MyBonuz is the solution for you.

The system is 100% based on mobile technology, so you don't have to invest in expensive hardware, constantly make sure you have cardboard cutting cards in stock or have major problems with installation... order the system and you're up and running in an hour.

4 Financial reasons to use MyBonuz


Remove the money from operation

If you sell a 10-trip card, the bartender only has to think about finances, every 10th transaction, this saves operator time and reduces errors.


Better equity

The customers pay the cards before they get the goods, so in effect they lend the bar money, this improves equity.


More sales

The card designer invites you to make lots of cards with special discounts, e.g. get the first beer per day at a "hawk's price", or get 10 for the price of 9.


Fewer transaction costs

Mobile pay and credit cards usually have a transaction fee, the card reduces the number of transactions and thus the fee.

Customer and staff comments

Please note that all money transactions take place in the usual way, i.e. via cash or credit card - MyBonuz only keeps track of cards and clips in circulation - not payments.

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